Trans Catalonia Burns Alexandria. Infected with lucidity, starved of brutality and facing the end of territorial absolutism from over a cliff, Preciado writes: “Becoming trans, like becoming independent, means that one must above all always resign from nationhood and gender identity. Renounce anatomy as destiny and history as prescriptive of doctrinal content. Renounce laws based on body, blood and soil. National identity and gender identity must be neither foundation not goal. (…) Like gender, the nation does not exist outside of collective practices, which imagine and construct it. Cross out the map, erase the first name, propose other maps and other first names whose collectively imagined fictional nature is evident. Fictions that might allow us to fabricate practices of liberty.” (P. 112) Preciado writes of a radical and essential practice of refusal; Ashley reminds us of the challenge of archival. The purpose for each element is conflicted; for Vincent can only transgress so long as the deadnamed child is archived.